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Graco - Worldwide Leaders in Fluid Handling

Graco Lubrication Systems Get the Job Done Safely and Securely

Company NameAllied, Inc. is proud to offer our customers lubrication systems by Graco, a world-wide leader in fluid handling since 1926. Our knowledgeable staff can consult with you at your work site and introduce you to the Graco pumps, meters, valves, and other fluid-handling equipment that we feel will create efficiencies in your shop.

  • Air-operated piston pumps. Graco offers a variety of well-designed pumps for high-pressure grease-dispensing and fluid oil transfer in the most demanding environments. Graco’s proprietary manufacturing process and corrosion-resistant coating results in minimal wear on the pumps and a longer useful life.
  • Fluid meters and valves. Graco’s fluid meters can be equipped with digital readouts for exceptional measurement and control of fluid delivery. A complete line of valves and meters is available for dispensing and controlling your petroleum-based fluids.
  • Lubrication equipment. Designed for rugged use, Graco’s hose reels can enhance productivity and efficiency at your work site. A variety of packages are available for the safe evacuation of used fluids. Graco also offers filtering systems to ensure the delivery of clean fluids, and fluid management systems for tracking fluid inventory.

We’ll Work Closely with You Every Step of the Way

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