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hunterBecause we’re a Hunter equipment distributor, Allied, Inc. can offer you wheel alignment products that are among the best engineered products on the market today. Hunter Engineering Company’s award-winning research and development engineers have produced features that are patented and exclusive to Hunter and that can enhance your technicians’ productivity in the undercarriage service of cars and trucks. Since its founding in 1946, Hunter has built a reputation for innovation and quality in the design and manufacture of passenger car and truck automotive service equipment.

When you call us at Allied, Inc., we’ll schedule a visit in our office or your shop, to review with you the many Hunter alignment options available on the market.

  • Wheel alignment systems. On its wheel alignment service products, Hunter includes patented digital camera systems that will enhance the equipment’s speed, durability, and ease of use. Hunter alignment systems have no moving parts and require virtually no maintenance. Your technicians will not have to calibrate their targets. Four high-resolution digital video cameras, safely positioned out of harm’s way, continuously monitor targets at each wheel. Hunter’s WinAlign® software provides options for measurement and adjustment and also for on-the-job training. At Allied, Inc., we can help you select the Hunter wheel aligner system that best meets your needs.
  • Vehicle safety inspection equipment. Use Hunter’s surface-mounted brake-suspension-alignment test to spot easy-to-overlook service opportunities in three minutes. You can use the Hunter screens, graphic printouts, and photos to illustrate what’s needed and help you sell service. Hunter’s sideslip tester spots incorrect toe alignment in just 10 seconds. Tire inspections are easy with Hunter system printouts, which show tire wear problems and air pressure measurements. Regular and heavy-duty systems allow your technicians to work with both passenger cars and heavier vehicles. When you use Hunter’s brake tester for multi-axle vehicles, you can measure the rear-to-front weight shift that occurs during braking and present your customer with a detailed brake performance analysis. What’s more, Hunter prints the results in plain English, so you can show your customers what work needs to be done and help them prioritize their service needs. Hunter’s inspection equipment comes complete with a computer, a full color monitor, and a premium color printer. We at Allied, Inc., are knowledgeable about all the Hunter automotive service equipment and would be glad to discuss the details with you.
  • Wheel balancer. Hunter offers a family of products tailored to fit your volume of work, vehicle profile, and shop budget. Hunter makes available its SmartWeight™ balancing technology, Road Force Measurement® system, and a variety of computerized wheel balancers and accessories. Let us at Allied, Inc., review the range of Hunter wheel balancers available and recommend one for your shop.
  • Brake lathe. Select Hunter’s variable-speed combination brake lathe or the on-car computerized rotor brake lathe and a variety of tools and other accessories that can make your brake jobs easier. Buy brake lathes as single products or in packages. At Allied, Inc., we can show you the range of Hunter brake products available.
  • Tire changer. Don’t work on today’s tires with yesterday’s tire changer. Use the latest tire technology from Hunter, including a patented bead press system and rim clamps with large clamping jaws. Hunter also offers a wide range of tire changer accessories. Hunter’s tire changers are tested with regular, heavy-duty, and performance tires. They’re among the best around and they’re available at Allied, Inc.

We Work Closely with You Every Step of the Way

From planning for your automotive service equipment investment to delivery and ongoing maintenance, we at Allied, Inc., are interested in working closely with you to make sure the equipment you select is the best choice for the work you have to do and the location in which the work is done.

Contact our knowledgeable staff at Allied, Inc., to guide you through the process of selecting the right auto alignment and truck alignment products for your location At Allied, Inc., we’ll give you the information you need to make the best decision you can. Request Quotation

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