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Revolution - Residential / Enthusiast Lifts

  Model # Description *Rise System Capacity Price
RTP10 RTP10 with 3-stage RA Arms Surface mounted frame-contact lift with 3-stage RA arms. Electric hydraulicoperation. Combination symmetric/asymmetric column design. Arm restraints on
all arms. Single point lock release. Comes with four 1.5”, four 3” and four 6” height adapters. Available in BLUE only. 1 Phase 220v operations.
(1956 mm)
10,000 lbs.
(4536 kg)
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RTP12  RTP12 12,000 lbs. capacity 2-post lift. Electric hydraulic operation. Arm restraints on all arms and single point lock release. Overhead equalization. Comes with four 4-1/2” and four 8-1/2” adapter height extensions. 220v operation. Available in BLUE only. 82 1/2"
(2095 mm)
12,000 lbs.
(5443 kg)
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 RTP9 RTP9 9,000 lbs. capacity base plate style open top 2-post lift w/chain over type - hydraulic cylinders. 220v operation. Available in BLUE only. 82"
(2083 mm)
9,000 lbs.
(4082 kg)
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