Vehicle in tire shop sitting on a Hunter wheel alignment system pad and Hunter system cart next to the car.

Buyers Guide to Wheel Alignment Machines

Are you in the market for a new wheel alignment machine? The best wheel alignment machine will offer high accuracy for both consumer and commercial-sized vehicles, feature convenient access ports for power and Internet access, and accommodate your shop’s space limitations.

At Allied, we recommend Hunter’s line of portable wheel aligners. In this article, we’ll cover some of Hunter’s various products and factors to consider when you’re selecting a new wheel aligner.

Factor #1: Space Limitations

Finding the best wheel alignment machine for your shop first begins with an assessment of your available floor space. An average auto service bay is typically 12 feet wide by 25 feet in length. But, when you factor in how many tools, equipment, and automotive parts are needed near the vehicle and the mechanic, then floor space becomes a major factor.

Some of the best wheel aligners for limited spaces include The Hunter HawkEye Elite®, the Hunter WinAlign® HD Alignment Machine, and the Hunter Standard Alignment Machine.

The Hunter HawkEye Elite®

The Hunter HawkEye Elite® is incredibly easy to set up, and provides alignment results within 70 seconds. This lightweight wheel aligner also has a narrow design with a four-camera system; with this system, you can pull up accurate alignment measurements after just one trip around the vehicle.

The Hunter WinAlign®

For multi-axle truck wheel alignments, the Hunter WinAlign® HD Alignment Machine not only features a small footprint, but also produces alignment readings in just three minutes. Additionally, your techs can quickly diagnose tire wear conditions and rolling compensation without vehicle jacking.

Hunter Standard Alignment

If you’re looking for lower overhead costs and user-friendly operation, you may want to consider Hunter’s Standard Alignment Machines (HawkEye® and ProAlign). These models feature powerful software and imaging technology using high resolution cameras. With only a two-minute setup time, your technicians can accomplish more in less time.

Factor #2: Plan Ahead for Service & Facility Growth

It’s not unusual for auto repair shops to continually expand every year, either by adding on new services, technicians, or equipment. Similar to how you need to consider current space limitations, you’ll also want to think about future space limitations. 

Be sure to plan ahead for the growth of your business by investing in a wheel aligner with more flexibility. Some of the features to consider include:

  • Ability to Adjust for Advanced Drivers Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Software Tools 
  • Onboard Assistance
  • Automatic Guidance to Correct Alignment Adjustments

Factor #3: Do You Need a Computerized Solution?

If you’re currently using mechanical gauges and strings to perform alignments, you may be wondering…is computerized wheel alignment better? 

While old school mechanics may claim that machines are prone to mistakes, the truth is that the quality of the alignment depends on the technician’s expertise. Just like mechanical strings and gauges, a wheel alignment machine is just a tool. With that being said, there are some benefits to switching to a computerized wheel aligner. First, computerized wheel alignment has become a standard industry practice. Secondly, computerized wheel alignments help increase the overall speed of the process without sacrificing accuracy. 

In fact, some computerized wheel alignments can be done in just as little as 10 minutes (this does not include the time it takes for a technician to perform initial inspections, drive a vehicle onto a lift, mount and calibrate sensors, etc.).

Find the Right Wheel Alignment Machine From Allied, Inc.

For nearly 90 years, Allied Inc. has provided reliable automotive service equipment, including vehicle lifts and wheel alignment machines, to auto dealerships, service garages, fleet operators, and at-home mechanics across the globe. We’re proud to be an authorized supplier of Hunter wheel alignment machines. If you need help selecting a wheel aligner, reach out to one of our experts today.