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Mach 4

Mach 4 Rotary Mobile Hydraulic Lifts 

Allied, Inc. now offers the Rotary Mach 4, the newest in heavy duty mobile column hydraulic (MCH) lifts.  Available with 4 or 6 columns this mobile vehicle lift is designed for quick and easy use, durability, and flexibility.  From smaller trucks to heavy-duty lifting the Mach 4 mobile truck lifts can handle it all.  Its quality construction and user-friendly design will increase productivity and save time and money in your maintenance facility.  

Quick Set-up Saves Time and Money 

The quote “time is money” is central to the Mach 4 design.  This mobile hydraulic lift offers the greatest adaptability compared to other mobile vehicle lifts.  Its easy to use design and unique features are unmatched by the competition.  Quicker set up time for technicians means increased productivity for your facility.  In fact, the Mach 4 is 30% quicker than other similar lifts translating into annual savings of $7,604 per year.   

The Mach 4 exclusive mobile features offer technicians the greatest flexibility; saving time and increasing productivity for your maintenance facility.  Since the Mach 4 is a Rotary lift, an industry leader in vehicle lifts, you know that your mobile column lift is made of the highest construction standards and will last for years to come.  

Featured Benefits Include: 

  • Retractable cord reels – Reduces mess clutter and improves safety, saves time.
  • Inverted hydraulic cylinder - Extends the life of the unit by protecting the piston rod from debris.
  • Adjustable wheel forks – Quick and customized for different wheel sizes.
  • Optional LED lighting – Energy efficient illumination.
  • [(2) 12V DC] Battery operated - Includes on-board Minn Kota® waterproof charger.
  • Forklift pockets - Safe, quick and easy mobility.
  • Patent pending new control design - Allows for operations from any column.  Provides for flexible navigation. 
  • Automatic steering system - Eliminates manual pumping of jacks for quick and easy set up.
  • Horseshoe wiring design - Unique 3 cable design allows for easy accessibility to the front and back of the lift.  Vehicles may enter or exit the service bay without needing to connect and disconnect cables.
  • Easy mobility - Durable rubber-coated wheels can navigate easily in any environment.  Patent pending system allows for wheel retraction under load. 

Environmentally Conscious Features 

The Mach 4 Rotary lift is designed with concern for the environment.  Environmentally friendly features reduce waste and save precious resources:  

  • Optional high-efficiency LED lighting
  • Minimal packing material
  • Bio-fluid compatible
  • Solar compatible
  • Battery operated

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