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Collision Measuring

The Shark Electronic Measuring System from Blackhawk

Shark is known as the best Computerized Electronic Measuring System to increase productivity, profit and efficiency. It relies on ultrasound technology for dramatic productivity improvements and the industry’s best speed and accuracy. The Shark provides live "measure-as-you-pull" functionality that virtually eliminates costly rework.

Key Features:

  • Get accurate measurements the first time, every time
  • Monitor up to 12 live measurement points and see results as you pull
  • Save time and money by avoiding rework and stopping to fix hidden issues

E-Data: Electronic Vehicle Measurement Data

E-Data stores years of unitized and frame vehicle dimension information in the database. Within moments, E-Data has searched and retrieved the specs to display and/or print. Dimensions are provided for under hood, under body, and upper body measurements.

Wheel Aligners Imaging Systems

Arago V3D: Wheel Alignersnap on products

The Arago V3D is the fastest, most accurate aligner in the industry. Thanks to its DigiSmart™ technology, the Arago V3D’s cameras track all four vehicle targets automatically and at any height. Rolling compensation can be performed without lifting the vehicle, guaranteeing readings in 2 minutes - now that’s fast! The Arago V3D is perfect for those shops handling a high volume of alignments and looking for dramatic improvements in profitability.

Visualiner 3D Series: Imaging Wheel Aligner

the remarkable V3D imaging system provides highly accurate alignment measurement, complete with visual representation identifying current and optimal settings. This represents a 70% reduction in time versus conventional alignment methods. V3D technology helps every technician become an alignment expert with minimal training.

Prism Portable Imaging Aligner

The award-winning Prism is the world’s first alignment system to combine imaging alignment technology in a portable package. It provides dramatic productivity improvements and offers more features than conventional aligners, at a lower price. The Prism leverages a wireless communication system with Bluetooth™ technology, cordless pods powered by Lithium Ion batteries, and components made from lightweight magnesium. The Prism combines advanced technology and affordability to take your alignment business to the next level.

John Bean Lifts

Scissor Alignment Lifts

Ranging from 10K to 14K lifting capacity, scissor lifts are great for alignments because the vehicle’s wheels are more accessible than with 4-post lifts. Scissor lifts also use less floor space. Five scissor lifts fit into the same operating space as four 4-post lifts!

4-Post Alignment Lifts

4-Post lifts range from 9,000 to 60,000 lifting capacities and feature one-piece roll-formed decks for added strength. They come in both the open front and closed front styles and at varying price levels. Length options will accomodate vehicle wheel bases up to 33 feet in length. John Bean lifts offer rugged durability and multi-safety systems at all price levels. Roller jacks are included standard. Turntables must be purchased separately.

2-Post Alignment Lifts

2-post lift models offer lifting capacity range of 9K to 15K lbs., with your choice of symmetrical or asymmetrical lifting arms, and with or without overhead beams. Lifts feature roll-formed columns with durable polyethylene glide blocks for smooth glide operation and increased carriage stability. 2-post lifts offer versatility to meet all your lift demands regardless of the shop layout and variety of vehicle sizes and styles.

Tire Changerstire changers

John Bean Tire Changing Solutions

John Bean’s EHP (Enhanced High Performance) System tire changers are especially designed for the wide range of factory and aftermarket wheel/tire assemblies that make up the current and future market. With the EHP System V, our most advanced tire changer, you’re capable of handling the industry’s largest wheels, up to 30 inches. For heavy duty truck wheels, John Bean offers tire changers designed for tubeless tires and multi-piece truck rims.


Wheel Balancers

BFH 1000wheel balancers

Using John Bean's patented 3D technology to optimize "Balance Force Harmonics," the BFH 1000 delivers automatic clamping and automatic data-entry, including spoke count/placement - all in one spin cycle. This "touchless" system uses 3 lasers not only to obtain all readings, but also to indicate exact weight placement. The BFH 1000's many automatic features virtually eliminate the possibility of operator error.

BFH 800

The BFH 800 is a no-compromise solution for premium wheel balancing. The BFH 800, using VPI Imaging Balance technology, provides super accurate wheel balance results. Fully automatic inputs remove the chance for error allowed by other systems.

Virtual Plane Imaging (VPI) Balancers

Unique software programming projects a Virtual Plane Image (VPI) at the end of the balancer shaft to allow imbalance vibrations to be measured on both sides of the wheel for improved accuracy and repeatability. John Bean wheel balancers offer the most features in the industry. Our hand-spin operated heavy duty wheel balancer offers efficient, portable balancing service in a budget-friendly package.

Collision Repair

Power-Pro SL Series from Blackhawk

The Power-Pro SL series of racks offer a feature set which customers have embraced in today’s collision repair rack market place. It has an extended-height lifting capability for ergonomic working heights, an open front and rear for greater accessibility to the vehicle for repairs, a faster pinch&Ert;weld anchoring system with fewer bolts to secure it to the rack platform and 60% more chain tie-downs for efficient and timely vehicle tie backs.

Power-Pro 1000, 2000 and 3000 from Blackhawk

Available in 18’ (Power-Pro 1000), 20’ (Power-Pro 2000), and 22’ (Power-Pro 3000), you are sure to find the exact model to suit your needs. The Power-Pro 1000 is great for those shops looking for exceptional quality without spending a lot of money. The 15’ center opening of the Power-Pro 2000 allows technicians to easily measure and diagnose the underbody of the vehicle. The Power-Pro 3000 is designed to accommodate up to the largest SUVs as well as compact cars with its 9500-pound lifting capacity. Plus, all three are over 7 feet wide! Our exceptional three-way adjustable clamping system is standard with all Power-Pro models. We also offer several optional specialty anchoring and frame anchoring packages for a variety of unibody and frame vehicles.

Power-Pro’s bearing supported, tube-style towers easily roll 360 degrees around the platform and the spring release handle locks the tower into the desired position. With Power-Pro’s two towers, you can quickly and easily make combination front, rear and side damage pulls for improved productivity. Position the 10 ton towers side-by-side and concentrate repair efforts. Technicians are able to make precise pulls with a simple adjustment of the pull collar. Add the optional third 10 ton tower and watch your productivity levels soar.

Blackhawk Power Post

The floor pull system utilizes ty-downs which are countersunk in the floor. They are there when you need them, out of the way when you don’t. The Power Post’s low cost makes it ideal for small shops; it’s portable, space-saving design makes it perfect for larger shops looking to squeeze in extra production space.

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