Wheel Alignment

Maximize your available workspace with our portable wheel aligner options. These systems were made for the ultimate convenience and have the ability to be positioned anywhere in your shop.

Vehicle in tire shop sitting on a Hunter wheel alignment system pad and Hunter system cart next to the car.

ADAS—Advanced Drive Assistance Systems

Take control with Hunter's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems calibration tools. Hunter's innovative ADASLink® diagnostic scan tool powered by Bosch allows users to take control of calibration to keep your work in-house and remaining profitable. Featuring FCA secure gateway compatibility, this system can be used in any bay, with or without a Hunter aligner.

Easily follow step-by-step processes for the most accurate calibrations. This system allows technicians to calibrate side and rear sensors that notify drivers of potential hazards outside their field-of-vision. With guide fixture positioning, users are able to properly position the fixture using live, camera-guided interfaces.

WinAlign® HD

Perform fast and accurate multi-axle truck alignments with Hunter's WinAlign® HD Alignment Machine. This machine allows technicians to quickly diagnose tire wear conditions, offers alignment readings in just three minutes and features rolling compensation with no jacking required. A faster setup equals faster results.

Skip the hassles that other systems require. This system is all about speed. The minimal setup time allows for fast installation and no metal-to-metal contact. With a fast setup comes fast printouts. Easy-to-understand printouts help sell your service offerings to your customers. The WinAlign® HD system allows you to save valuable shop time.

HawkEye Elite®

Hunter HawkEye Elite® Alignment Machine offers higher productivity which leads to greater profits. Get results in just 70 seconds! This machine instantly captures alignment readings with its unmatched and accurate software. Built-in support and safety systems for OEM-required parts make the HawkEye Elite® all the more reliable.

With minimal setup time, one trip around the vehicle means faster alignments and the ability to sell more services to your clients. Simple printouts show your customers complete transparency with your services. Four precision cameras provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy. The HawkEye® Elite has options for every shop with an alignment console and sensor combinations to suit a variety of needs.


Hunter offers alignment systems with simple operation and low cost of ownership. The ProAlign® alignment machine offers quick and efficient alignment readings through powerful software and imaging technology. Even the most standard of alignment machines should feature high-resolution cameras, fast alignment readings and easy-to-read printouts for efficient selling purposes.

Hunter's ProAlign® features these capabilities and more. The ProAlign® also has self-centering adaptors and two-camera sensors or traditional wheel-mounted sensors. Your shop deserves the fastest, easiest system when it comes to standard alignment services—allow ProAlign® from Hunter to get the job done.

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