Wireless MACH MCHW18: Mobile Column Lift

Our Wireless MACH MCHW18 mobile column lift features battery-operated columns with an internal charger, making it easy to avoid clutter and other hazards in your service bay.

Wireless Mobile Lifting System

If you’re looking for a space-saving, cost-effective solution for your shop—this is it. The MACH has an automated steering system, your technicians won’t have to waste any time manually pumping jacks to move the column. The mobile column lift’s unique design allows you and your technicians to control the entire system from any column.

MACH WIRELESS MCHW18 mobile column lift holding up a propane tanker truck

Features & Safety

  • Wireless Controls for Easy Drive-On/Drive-Off Operations
  • Battery-Powered With Available AC Power Option
  • Retractable Cord Reels & Quick-Connect Cables
  • Horseshoe Wiring
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • Convenient, Onboard Charging System (No External Chargers Needed)
  • Forklift Pockets for Easy Relocation
  • Inverted Hydraulic Pistons for Debris Reduction
  • Adjustable Forks to Accommodate a Wide Range of Tire Sizes
  • No Master Columns (Operate From Any Column)

single MACH WIRELESS MCHW18 mobile column lift


  • 18,000-Pound Column Capacities in Multiple Configurations
  • 70-inch Rise
  • 45.5-inch Column Width
  • 9 to 24-inch Adjustable Wheel Rim Size
  • 10-inch Fork-to-Column Clearance
  • 78-Second Speed of Rise
  • 110V Charging at 2.5 Amps Maximum
  • 208V, 230V, & 460V Charging Available
  • Available in Groups of Two- or Four-Column Configurations

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