HDC36: Four-Post Lift

The HDC36 is a fully hydraulic, heavy-duty four-post lift that will help you streamline your operations. This powerful four-post lift can handle anything from single-axle dump trucks and big-box trucks to tool trucks. The HDC36 also allows for easy operation from any column, making it easier and safer for your technicians to perform inspections and repairs. Plus, the HDC36 is battery-enabled, which will help you prevent downtime in the event of a power loss.

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Heavy-Duty Four-Post System

When purchasing a four-post lift, you want to choose one that is easy for your technicians to use, and one that your technicians can depend on for the longest time with minimal maintenance. The HDC36 checks all of these boxes. Here are some of the features of the HDC36 that you should know about:

HDC36 Lift extended supporting a dump truck

Features & Safety

  • Improved Column Operation
  • Clear Floor Design
  • Folding Ramps With Automatic Rear Chocks
  • 28-Inch Wide Runways:
  • Battery-Operated
  • Easy-to-Use Control System
  • Optional Mobility Wheel Kit

HDC36 four-post vehicle lift in the rest position


  • Lift Capacity: 35,900 Pounds (16,318 Kilograms)
  • Rise: 79 Inches
  • Overall Width: 16 Feet & 3.375 Inches
  • Overall Length: 33 Inches & 11.75 Inches (Standard Model), 38 Feet & 11.75 Inches (L Model)
  • Maximum Wheelbase: 25 Feet (Standard), 30 Feet (L Model)
  • Column Height at Full Rise: 89 Inches
  • Runway Spacing: 45 Inches
  • Runway Width: 28 Inches
  • Time of Full Rise: 68 Seconds
  • Power Usage: 110 Volts
  • Ramp Angle: 7 Degrees

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