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We’re proud to service a wide variety of customers, including dealerships and service centers and government municipalities. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality equipment for a great number of end uses. For even the most critical of needs, you can count on Allied to deliver.

Auto Dealerships

We’re involved with facility layout and scheduling for renovation, addition, new construction and moves that includes installation of various lifts, and installation of compressor and lubrication and fluid management systems.

Vehicles in Parking Lot

Service Centers

We have a long history of providing installation and other services for vehicle service equipment located in service centers. We partner directly with servicing departments to ensure their operations are running efficiently.

Vehicle by automotive lifts in a repair shop

Corporate Fleets

As a general contractor for various projects, we can replace multiple lifts, handle the deactivation of existing in-ground and above ground lifts, install new lifts, and perform maintenance and annual inspections of lifts, while training all users.

Fleet of Vehicles

Government & Municipalities

Allied has years of experience providing services for government agencies and municipalities. We can install in-ground lifts of various required capacities and critical vehicle service equipment to keep your sites running.

Adding Air to Tire


Our target customer is any car enthusiast or those interested in designing or building motor vehicles. If you have a passion for what we do and a need for our assistance in maintaining your own vehicles, reach out today!

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