SM30: Four-Post Lift

The Rotary Lift SM30 is a versatile, heavy-duty four-post lift designed to provide reliable and efficient lifting solutions for a variety of vehicle types. With a lifting capacity of 30,000 pounds, the SM30 is capable of accommodating everything from heavy-duty trucks to buses, making it an ideal choice for commercial vehicle service centers and fleet operations.

Commercial Vehicle Lifting System

SM30 commercial vehicle lift holding up a dump truck

Features & Safety

  • Optional Alignment Conversion Kits: If you need to add turn plates, slip plates, rolling jacks, or other features, consider purchasing the alignment conversion kit.
  • Accommodating Runway Lengths: The SM30 is available in three runway lengths: 25, 28, or 31 feet.
  • Single-Point Air Lock Release: This feature allows for easy and safe operation of the lift. 
  • Dual-Locking System: Rotary Lift’s dynamic dual-locking system adds an extra layer of safety and security to keep the lift in place during operation.
  • 3-Phase Power Available: The 3-phase power feature will help you achieve maximum lifting power and efficiency in heavy-duty lifting operations.
  • Folding Ramps With Rear Chocks: This added safety feature prevents unwanted movement from vehicles during unloading and loading. 
  • Air/Filter/Lubricator: This in-lift system ensures maximum performance and longevity of the lift by filtering out impurities and providing lubrication to critical components.
  • Internal Airline Kit: The internal airline kit eliminates the need for external airlines, reducing the risk of damage or tripping hazards.
  • Drive-Thru Conversion: The SM30 is also unique in that it can convert to a drive-thru lift—making it particularly convenient for busy service centers!

SM30 vehicle lift with a white garbage truck jacked up


  • Lift Capacity: 30,000 lbs
  • Rise: 68.75 In.
  • Width Overall: 12 Ft., 4.8125 In.
  • Length Overall: 
    • 25 Ft., 9.5 In.
    • 28 Ft., 9.5 In.
    • 31 Ft., 9.5 In.
  • Maximum Wheelbase: 
    • 235 In.
    • 271 In.
    • 307 In.
  • Drive Thru Width: 11 Ft.
  • Runway Width: 24 In.
  • Minimum Bay Size: 16 x 27 or 30 Ft.
  • Motor/Voltage: 4HP, 208 to 230V
  • Time of Full Rise: 95 Seconds

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