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We carry high-performance tire changers and wheel balancers. From easy-to-use functions to fully equipped features, our products are guaranteed to help your shop succeed.

Wheel Balance

Wheel Balancers

Road Force® Elite

With the Road Force® Elite Wheel Balancer, technicians can quickly diagnose vibration issues that traditional balancers wouldn’t be able to identify. This system is known for its 70 second floor-to-floor diagnostic wheel balance process. With Road Force® Elite wheel balancers, you’ll be able to perform a Road Force® test and balance faster than any traditional balancer.

Eliminate error opportunities with the patented vision system. Easily solve vibration problems and provide the "new car ride" using the diagnostic load roller. You’ll be able to ensure proper centering with patented automatic CenteringCheck®. Maximize efficiency using SmartWeight® technology and experience the true self-calibration with patented eCal auto-calibration that this system has to offer.

SmartWeight® Elite/SmartWeight® Pro

SmartWeight® Wheel Balancers are intuitive wheel balancers that offer upscale, premium features. Hunter's wheel balancers feature patented SmartWeight® technology, built to improve balance, minimize weight usage and maximize productivity. The CenteringCheck® feature also comes with convenient on-demand videos and an easy-to-use interface.

The SmartWeight® Pro balancers are equipped with a no-touch wheel measurement system that allows the operator to easily determine weight placement using laser vision. Allow this product to simplify your balancing process. As a leading diagnostic load roller, the SmartWeight® Elite allows users to detect radical force, identify vehicles pulls.

Tire Changers

Tire Changer


Our heavy-duty tire changers allow for safe and fast tire changes for even the biggest of tires. From safe controls to tulip-style wheel clamps, these tire changers can suit a number of needs. Whether you need to change skidder tires or you're looking for an efficient machine for semi-truck tires, these heavy-duty tire changers are up for the task.

With roller demounting capabilities and standard hooks, the TCX365HD outpaces any tire changer for over-the-road truck tires. This system can handle implement tires up to 90 inches in diameter and will not get fatigued like some lesser tire changing equipment. For a heavy-duty tire changers that are operator-friendly, offer superior wheel accommodation and have powerful tools to assist—look no further than the TCX635HD.

Center Clamp (Auto 34R / TC39)

Simple operation and superior wheel protection. These center-clamp tire changers from Hunter offer four different models to suit a variety of needs. From the popular three button lever-less Auto34 to even the most basic of features, damage free operation is at your fingertips. These center-clamp tire changers have lever-less and traditional options, adjustable height-mounting and center-shaft clamping features.

The Auto34R is a three-button operation that features dual roller arms, high-volume blast tank and lever-less polymer head. The TC39 has dual roller arms, standard press arm and an optional wheel lift and side shovel. If you’re looking for compact and capable center clamp systems, look no further than Hunter’s superior line of products.

TCX Changers (TCX51 / TCX58)


Table-top tire changers allow for a powerful and durable way to change tires with every use. Hunter tire machines are an industry-leading way to bring power and speed to the tire changing process. These systems are durable enough for even the toughest of tire work. Hunter TCX table-top changers come in many configurations to meet a variety of different needs.

These are available in 220V 2-speed, 110V single speed or compressed air power choices. With quick adjust jaws and patented winged mount heads, these table-top tire changers will become a staple in your shop. Service difficult wheel assemblies with easy-to-use built-in blast inflation. These systems is optimized to seat even the most difficult of tires.

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