Passenger Car & Truck Lifts

Our lifts allow technicians to see exactly what they’re working on while keeping users safe from accidents and possible injuries.

2 Post Lifts

Our two-post lifts are engineered to maximize your technicians’ productivity without compromising their safety. Our two-post lifts have extensions available to achieve more clearance, allowing for the maximum possible height to be achieved. These lifts come with many different design features focused on increased productivity. With lifting capabilities from 7,000-20,000 pounds, these lifts are perfect for any shop bay.

There are many features that come with two-post lifts such as three-stage arms for asymmetrical and symmetrical lifts making it possible to lift a variety of vehicles. These lifts are known for their ability to enhance productivity due to their speed. These lifts are twice as fast as standard lifts. The high-pressure, full-stroke cylinders in each column provide maximum lifting force.



  • Patented two-piece, three-stage arm
  • Vehicle spotting speed and ease
  • Performance tested to 20,000 lift cycles
  • True asymmetrical rotated column design



  • True symmetrical column design
  • Customizable with your choice of arms and adapters
  • Extended height models available for added versatility
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPO10X)



  • True symmetrical, single-piece “double S” columns
  • Standard front and rear three-stage arms
  • Truck adapters with stackable inserts for added reach
  • Available in alternate height configurations to fit your shop’s needs



  • Patented Trio™ arm design
  • Available with Shockwave™
  • Original “double s” column design
  • Air operated lock release



  • Picks up class 1 through class 5 vehicles
  • Patented Trio™ arms
  • Great versatility
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPO20X)

Forward 2 Post Lifts



  • Hydraulic cylinders in each column
  • Full stroke
  • Cylinder rod concealed inside carriage
  • Overhead cable equalization


  • Symmetrical columns
  • Patented 3-stage front arm design
  • ALI-certified
  • Adjustable width

4 Post Lifts

Four-post lifts can accommodate even the heaviest of trucks, utility vehicles and even small R.V.'s. For a large amount of unrestricted under-vehicle access, look no further than our durable four-post lifts. All of our lifts are equipped with reliable runways and rolling jacks to raise tires off of the tracks. We offer a four-post lift for nearly every need.

Our posts are suitable for high-production automotive demands. The easy-to-use open-front models make alignments on even the biggest of trucks easy. With open-front and closed-front configurations and built-in slip plates available, look no further than our four-post lifts for all your heavy lifting needs. All of our four-post lifts come with two moveable work steps and stainless steel turn plates.

SM14 4 Post Lifts


  • 14,000 lbs. Capacity
  • Single Piece 20″ Runways
  • Adjustable Lock Ladders Keep Lift Level
  • Converts to Drive-Thru Lift

SMO14 4 Post Lift


  • Open Front Design
  • 14,000 lbs. Capacity
  • Feature two runway lengths
  • 20′ Runway Width

SM30 4 Post Lift


  • 30,000 lbs. Capacity
  • Three Runway Lengths
  • Internal Airline Kit
  • Single Point Air Lock Release

Forward EFP9 Lift

Forward EFP9

  • 9,000 lbs. Capacity
  • Single point lock release
  • Adjustable lock ladder system
  • Perfect for home use

Rotary in-ground

Over 95 years ago, Rotary invented the first fully hydraulic in-ground lift. The manufacturer’s leading innovation has led to a lift that requires less space in your shop and is renowned for being environmentally-friendly. In-ground lifts from Rotary have a smaller overall footprint which allows our customers more space to work and get things done.

This also allows more vehicles in and out of your ship, creating more work and increasing your productivity and overall profits. This also means less construction costs and lower utility bills. These lifts are perfect for the everyday dealer service departments. Rotary in-ground lifts provide an open and aesthetically pleasing service area, instilling confidence in your operations.

SL210S Lift


  • 2X faster rise and descent
  • Patented 110v DC power system with built-in battery charger
  • Spotline™ laser-assisted spotting with motion sensor
  • Your choice of superstructures including the Rotary exclusive TRIO arm

SL212 Lift


  • Fully enclosed in an environmentally friendly polymer containment
  • Smartguard® plungers for years of trouble-free operation
  • Liquid Detection System (LDS)
  • ALI third-party certified (SL212X)

SLW210 Lift


  • Specially designed for electric vehicles and exotic vehicles
  • 10,000-lb lifting capacity
  • Comes with RA or TA adapters
  • Shockwave™️ technology available

SLW212 Lift


  • Designed for electric vehicles, exotic vehicles, and light-/medium-duty trucks
  • 12,000-lbs lifting capacity
  • Features Rotary-patented TRIO­™️ three-stage arms
  • Shockwave™️ technology available


IG210W Inground Lift


  • Designed for use with sports cars and electric vehicles
  • Patented Shockwave technology available
  • ALI Gold-certified
  • 10,000-pound lifting capacity

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