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Browse our complete line of high-performance exhaust systems. Our systems are guaranteed to reduce exhaust noise and provide a safe and effective conduit for exhaust gases to exit the engine.

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Why Choose a Nederman System?

Nederman can create the most optimal solution for high quality, effective, safe, and ergonomic diesel exhaust removal systems. Nederman has a broad range of solutions that align with the unique needs of each station.

Every time a vehicle is started hazardous exhaust fumes and particulate are generated. Both are serious health risks. A Nederman exhaust extraction system eliminates that risk. The Auto-Start Control System ensures that the fan energizes before the vehicle engine is started.

MagnaRail is a high-capacity system designed to manage large volumes of exhaust fumes. MagnaRail is the ideal solution for a drive through application for vehicles with either High level or Low-level tail pipes. The Suction Rail is formed in a configuration such that the extrusion serves not only as an exhaust duct, but also as the guide rail that the extraction trolley travels in. The configuration has few parts, is light weight and it snaps easily into the suspensions, all to simplify the installation.

Nederman is a world leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing products and systems for a better working environment in all kinds of industries.

Our experts at Allied, Inc., will help you with the planning, selection, and installation of your Nederman system.

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