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Annual Lift Inspections

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Annual MIOSHA Vehicle Lift Inspections

Automotive Lift Inspections

Photo of Allied Equipment Service TeamAllied, Inc. inspects thousands of lifts every year. By having our knowledgeable technicians inspect your vehicle lifts, you’ll meet the State of Michigan’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) requirement for annual lift inspections. Click here to download a copy of the MIOSHA Automotive Service Operations Standards and refer to standard R408.17252 for Automotive Lift Inspections.

In addition to meeting that requirement, having us at Allied, Inc., inspect your vehicle lifts means you’ve committed yourself to maintaining the safety and security of your lift’s operation. When we inspect your lift, we assess each lift against our multi-point inspection, which includes:

  • Safety check
  • Operational inspection of the lift
  • Operational inspection of the controls
  • Pressure tests

When we inspect each vehicle lift at your facility, we will complete a record of that inspection that you can maintain in your files, and consult with you about the results. We’ll discuss with you our conclusions about how your lift performed and our recommendations for any adjustments or service that will help correct problems, make your lift operate more safely, and extend the life of your equipment.

When you ask Allied, inc., to inspect your vehicle lifts, you can trust us to give you information you can use to keep your lifts performing smoothly and safely at your work site. 

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