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Item Model # Description Price
Extended Aluminum Ramps S100103 Extended Aluminum Ramps to reduce ramp-up angle for vehicles with low ground clearance. Kit includes two (2) S110393 ramps (6 inches longer than standard ramp). Get Great Quote!
90° Power Unit Bracket S100046 To move power unit to front of column for additional space. Get Great Quote!
Internal Air Kit 196K02 Internal air for RFP14 4-post lift only. Get Great Quote!
Drive-thru Ramps 1400932 Drive-thru ramps, 51” long for RFP14 4-post lift only. Get Great Quote!
Three Phase Power   Optional 4-HP 3kw, 3 Phase, 60 Hz power unit for use with RTP10, RTP9 (2-post) and RFP14 (4-post) lifts only. Must specify when ordering. Price in addition to standard unit price. 208/230 or 460 volt must be specified. Get Great Quote!
Drip Tray SH4D-5555 Additional drip tray (4 needed per lift). Get Great Quote!
Jack Tray SH4D-8050 Additional jack tray. Get Great Quote!
Carbon Steel Radius Gauge FA5157 1 each of a carbon steel radius gauge (2 required). Get Great Quote!
Bolt-On Alignment Kit 1400907 Bolt-on kit to convert RFP14 to alignment rack (radius gauge not included). Get Great Quote!
Bolt-On Runway Kit 1400900 2 foot bolt-on runway extension kit for RFP14 and RFPAR14. Get Great Quote!
Solid Deck Kit SH4D-9000 Flooring panel for RFP9 lift to convert lift to solid deck for storage. Panels are 37” wide x 20” long and requires 8 per lift. Get Great Quote!
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