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Auto Lifts by Rotary

We Install Rotary Lifts, an Industry Leader

Rotary LogoOne of the reasons we at Allied, Inc., have such a wide range of experience with vehicle lifts is that we sell and install lifts by Rotary, a leader in automotive equipment lifts and lifts for commercial truck and transit applications. Almost 80 years ago, Rotary invented the first hydraulic lift. Today, Rotary offers a wide range of light-duty and heavy-duty lifts for all vehicle types and all locations.

Rotary has been a recognized leader in vehicle lifts for decades. Rotary lifts are designed to maximize your technicians’ productivity without compromising their safety. Rotary lifts are third-party tested by the Intertek Testing Services (ETL), a worldwide testing organization recognized by the US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Rotary lifts are also certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) to meet or exceed the strict standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

We encourage you to contact our staff at Allied, Inc., and visit our office or schedule an appointment at your location to discuss Rotary lifts. We’re here to help you. Request Quotation

There’s a Rotary Lift for All Your Professional Automotive Service Jobs

Rotary offers automotive lifts and other vehicle lifts for professional automotive service, for loads ranging up to 30,000 pounds. Rotary lifts are constructed to improve the productivity of your workforce as your technicians perform the range of jobs they need to complete for all your customers every day. Our knowledgeable staff at Allied, Inc. will meet with you to review the Rotary lift options that would work best in your setting.

  • Low-rise auto lifts. With lifting capabilities up to 10,000 pounds, the Rotary low-rise lift is a high-capacity pad lift designed to accommodate quick service operation on passenger care and trucks. Tire and brake work is made easier by built-in pads and adapters, and by wider drive-over ramps and side rails. The low-rise auto lift is well suited to handle unibody and frame contact undercarriages for today’s heavier passenger vehicles.
  • Inground lift. Rotary’s inground SmartLifts® vehicle lift is available in 9,000 or 12,000 pounds lifting capacity, offers low-profile arms for vehicles with low ground clearance, and saves space: 11 SmartLifts fit into the space typically used by 10 surface lifts. Removable cylinders make maintenance easy. SmartLifts are perfect for cars, vans, and trucks.
  • 2 post lifts. The Rotary 2 post above ground lift features adjustable height options to maximize the types of vehicles that can be serviced. High-pressure cylinders in each column offer maximum lift force and smooth operation. Rotary’s patented Double S design applied to single-piece construction provides a channel in which the bearings can travel for maximum strength. With a short or long wheel base, wider vehicle tread width, a lower profile, and other productivity enhancements, the 2 post lift accommodates vehicles up to 18,000 pounds.
  • 4 post lift for general service. These lifts accommodate 10,000 to 30,000 pounds and are available in open or closed yoke models for easy access to the vehicle undercarriage. An adjustable latch bar provides level runways at multiple locking positions. The 4 post lift comes with a sentinel lock system for enhanced safety, optional bolt-on wheel alignment equipment, portable work step and other options are available.

Rotary Lifts for Commercial Truck and Transit Work

Rotary offers vehicle lifts capable of handling heavy-duty commercial truck and transit loads. Rotary has designed modern heavy-duty lifts with protections for the environment and improvements in safety and functionality. Our experienced staff at Allied, Inc., can review the Rotary lift options that would work in your fleet garage or other commercial truck or transit setting.

  • 2 post lift. With lifting capacity up to 18,000 pounds, Rotary’s 2 post lift for the truck and transit market is engineered for durability and comes with a multi-position locking system, stackable adapters, six-position wheel spotting dishes. Optional Inbay® technology, tool holders, and air/electric utility boxes are available.
  • 4 post lift. With lifting capacity up to 60,000-pounds, Rotary’s 4 post lift series for the truck and transit market features single-point-release air locks for time savings, and automatic ramp chocks. An optional filter/regulator/lubricator supplies clean, lubricated air to your rolling jacks and air-powered hand tools, which extends their lives. Optional internal airline kits and rolling jacks contribute to smooth handling and unobstructed vehicle access. With a durable Rotary 4 post car lift that requires little maintenance, you can accommodate a wide range of vehicles safely and productively in your work setting.
  • Traditional inground lift. Rotary’s traditional inground lifts come equipped with a hydraulic front jack that can be positioned to accommodate various wheelbases and a rear jack with a recessed pocket to allow for an unobstructed floor in the down position. This inground lift features optional push-button equalized controls for economy and optional shutter plate trench covers for increased productivity and self-storage. The traditional inground lift supports more than 50,000 pounds.
  • Inground lift, modular and environmentally friendly. This Rotary inground lift comes totally contained in a six-foot-deep steel enclosure protected with the new EnviroGuard™ coating. This coating traps oil inside the containment and locks groundwater out, protecting the lift from electrolysis and from harsh contaminates that may reduce its life. This hydraulic lift is modular in design, which allows it to be configured for specific vehicle applications, reducing installation costs and is environmentally friendly. Rotary’s inground lifts are built to handle up to 90,000 pounds of weight, with either two or three supporting posts.
  • Portable hydraulic lift. Built to accommodate up to 90,000 pounds, Rotary’s portable hydraulic lift consists of four to six columns with adjustable wheel forks for different wheel sizes. Each column contains a fully enclosed hydraulic cylinder in the carriage and is configured with spring-activated mechanical locks with locking positions every four inches. When combined with other accessories — such as the tripod stand or fork lift adapter — Rotary’s portable hydraulic lift can handle nearly any vehicle configuration or repair in your commercial fleet.
  • Parallelogram lift. Designed for increased safety and productivity, Rotary’s parallelogram lifts include patented negative rake/radius teeth heavy-duty mechanical locks, automatic wheel chocks, and a full-length safety strip. Rotary also offers options for even greater performance, including built-in lights, rolling jacks, and a variety of ramps. As with many Rotary lifts, technicians using the parallelogram lift have maximum access to all sides of the vehicle, with no column obstructions. Rotary’s parallelogram lifts support up to 130,000 pounds.
  • Floor-running pit lift. Rotary’s free-moving floor-running pit lifts are well suited for locations in which there are several pits interconnected with tunnels. For maximum flexibility, select a floor-running model with caster wheels. For maximum freedom of movement, Rotary offers a model mounted to a rail system, which is especially useful when pit floors are cracked or uneven. Pit lifts can turn your pit into a full-service bay. They can be used to raise vehicles to service wheels or hubs, or to remove or service transmissions or undercarriages — in short, to perform any type of service underneath the vehicle — without the need for dollies or jack stands.
  • Suspended pit lift. The Rotary suspended lift rides on a rail at the floor grade area in an area specifically constructed to accommodate it. This sealed lift offers another option for performing all types of undercarriage work without moving the vehicle from bay to bay.

Automotive Equipment Lifts by Rotary Make Wheel Alignment Work Easy

Rotary offers lifts built with technology designed to make wheel alignment and other automotive service work easy and safe. A variety of lifts, such as the 4 post auto lifts, parallelogram lift designs, and power racks, and a wide range of lift options and accessories are available through Allied, Inc. Before you purchase, however, it’s wise to consult the experts. We at Allied, Inc., invite you to rely on our expertise in light-duty and heavy-duty lifts to guide you through the lift selection process.

We Work Closely with You Every Step of the Way

From planning for your automotive service equipment investment to delivery, installation, and ongoing maintenance, we at Allied, Inc., are interested in working closely with you to make sure the equipment you’ve selected is the best choice for the work you have to do and the location in which you work.

Contact our knowledgeable staff at Allied, Inc., to guide you through the process of planning for and procuring the right vehicle lifts for your location At Allied, Inc., we’ll give you the information you need to make the best decision on equipment selection. Request Quotation

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