ARO14 Commercial Alignment Rack

Rotary Lift’s ARO14 is an ALI Gold-certified commercial alignment lift rack with a 14,000-pound hoisting capacity. This open-end four-post lift is designed to handle passenger cars, trucks, vans, and light- and medium-duty fleet vehicles, making it a versatile option for busy shops!

A red van on a blue Rotary Lift ARO14

Lift Features

  • Sentinel Lock System: Gracefully concealed under the runway, this patented amenity increases lift reliability and safety with a slack-cable guidance arm that electronically monitors the lock latch.
  • Internal Airlines: The ARO14 comes with internal airlines to reduce external damage and wear, accidents, and malfunctions and create a more compact design ideal for shops that need to save space.
  • Two Turning Radius Gauges: Separate stainless steel turning gauges allow technicians to measure a vehicle’s turning radius efficiently, helping to ensure each wheel is precisely set to its best angle during alignment.
  • Open-Front Design: The Rotary ARO14 commercial vehicle lift lacks a frontal crossbar, making it simpler and faster to service engines, transmissions, and other front-end components.
  • Optional Shockwave: When equipped with the optional Shockwave, the ARO14 can lift vehicles nearly twice as fast.
  • Compatible: This commercial vehicle lift is compatible with nearly all alignment systems in use today.

The ARO14 also comes standard with two 7,000-pound capacity rolling jacks, heavy-duty rear slip plates, adjustable runway latch bars, steel one-piece runways, and a built-in filter/regulator/lubricator.

A white van on a blue Rotary Lift ARO14


  • Lift Capacity: 14,000 lbs.
  • Maximum Rise: 78.75 In. (All Models)
  • Overall Width:
    • 140.5 In. (Standard)
    • 151 In. (With Shockwave™)
  • Overall Length:
    • 253 In. (Standard)
    • 286 In. (Extended)
    • 263.5 In. (With Shockwave™)
    • 296.5 In. (Extended With Shockwave™)
  • Maximum Wheelbase:
    • 182 In. (Standard)
    • 215 In. (Extended)
  • Maximum Two Wheel Align:
    • 176.25 In. (Standard)
    • 209 In. (Extended)
  • Maximum Four Wheel Align: 164.75 In. (All Models)
  • Minimum Four Wheel Align: 89 In. (All Models)
  • Runway Width: 20 In. (All Models)
  • Minimum Bay Size:
    • 15 Ft. x 26 Ft. (Standard)
    • 15 Ft. x 28 Ft. (Extended)
  • Motor/Voltage:
    • 2 HP, 208 to 230V (Standard & Extended Models)
    • 5 HP, 110V (Shockwave™ Models)
  • Time of Full Rise:
    • 65 Seconds (Standard & Extended Models)
    • 35 Seconds (Shockwave™ Models)

    Please note that rise time will vary based on vehicle weight.

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