HDC50-60: Four-Post Lift

The Rotary Lift HDC50-60 is one of the only four-post lifts that allows operation from any column. They also maximize operational efficiency by incorporating reprogrammable control panels that remember specific positions, even when the power is turned off and back on again.

Commercial Vehicle Lifting System

Allied carries HDC50-60 which have an optional wheel kit, which will allow your technicians to transport it anywhere in your bay. Fully hydraulic, this superior commercial vehicle lift also has an operation-friendly design with easy-to-use controls, including an oversized “emergency stop” button. Even if you experience power failure, this lift will continue to run because it’s powered by a DC battery.

HDC50 holding up a semi-truck

Features & Safety

  • Lift Capacity: 50,000 Pounds (HDC50) & 60,000 Pounds (HDC60)
  • Visual Recognition of Lift Height & Individual Column Status
  • Surface-Mounted Operation
  • Clear Floor Design With No Side Obstructions
  • Optimal Length Between Posts for Tools & Equipment
  • 28-Inch or 33-Inch Runways That Can Fit Bus, Trucks, & Automobiles—No Adjustment Necessary!
  • Folding Ramp With Automatic Rear Chocks for Enhanced Security
  • Battery-Operated With Charger to Prevent Downtime
  • Optional Wheel Kit for Extra Mobility
  • No Special Wiring
  • Low Electrical Usage (110V Charging

HDC50-60 extended without a vehicle


  • Lift Capacity: 50,000 Pounds (HDC50) & 60,000 Pounds (HDC60)
  • Rise: 78 Inches
  • Width Overall: 15 Feet & 11 Inches
  • Length Overall: 35 Feet & 7.5 Inches (HDC50), 40 Feet & 7.5 Inches (HDC60)
  • Maximum Wheelbase: 28 Feet (HDC50) & 33 feet (HDC60)
  • Column Height at Full Rise: 144.75 Inches
  • Runway Width: 28 Inches
  • Runway Spacing: 45 Inches
  • Full Rise Time: 65 Seconds
  • Drive Thru Between Columns: 11 Feet & 10 Inches

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