L451 Alignment Rack: Four-Post Lift

Hunter’s L451 four-post drive-on lift makes wheel alignment a breeze. There’s no crawling under the vehicle, and you’re provided with easy access to all service points. The wide runway and the wheelbase length handle a wide assortment of vehicles, and the open front with no beam allows you to reach everything you need to.

Hunter Alignment Rack

Hunter L451 four-post alignment rack four-post lifts offers 18,000 lbs. lifting capacity. Please keep in mind that this lift’s warranty only remains in effect if it is installed by an authorized Hunter installer like Allied.

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Hunter L451 four post alignment rack and lift with a heavy duty truck lifted and employee operator standing to the side

Features & Safety

  • Open-Front Configuration for Easy Access
  • Generous, 26-Inch Runways
  • Integrated Control Station for Easy Operation
  • Dual-Swing Air Jacks
  • Built-in Slipplates (88 to 158 Inches)
  • Accurate, Stainless Steel PowerSlide Turnplates
  • Movable, Lock-In Worksteps
  • Optional AlignLights for Safety
  • Louvered Approach Ramps to Reduce Wheel Spin
  • Durable, Galvanized Cables & 16-Position Louvered Locks
  • Strong Umbilical Covering

hunter alignment rack l451 four post lift


  • Maximum Vehicle Weight: 18,000 Pounds (8,164 Kilograms)
  • Maximum Wheelbase (General Service): 193 Inches (4,902 Millimeters)
  • Maximum Wheelbase, Two-Wheel Alignment: 177 Inches (4,496 Millimeters)
  • Maximum Wheelbase, Four-Wheel Alignment: 158 Inches (4,013 Millimeters)
  • Alignment Height: Any of the 16 Lock Positions
  • Minimum Four-Wheel Alignment: 88 Inches (2,235 Millimeters)
  • Lifting Speed: 64 Seconds
  • Lowering Speed: 40 Seconds

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