L494HD: Four-Post Alignment Lift

Hunter’s L494HD 35,000-pound four-post lift is efficient, purpose-built, and offers everything you need for fast and effective heavy-duty alignment and servicing. The L494HD’s galvanized runways also provide the best corrosion protection and accommodate wheelbases up to 300 inches.

Although this heavy-duty vehicle lift comes alignment-ready with standard turnplate pockets and slip plates, you have the option to add time-saving Powerslide® and Fully-Integrated Alignment (FIA) turnplates and slip plates.

Hunter Heavy-Duty Alignment Lift

Hunter L494HD four-post heavy-duty vehicle lifts also offer the Best-in-Class lifting capacity of 35,000 pounds. Please keep in mind that this lift’s warranty only remains in effect if it is installed by an authorized Hunter installer like Allied.

Keep reading to learn more about the L494HD, or contact us today to request a product quote.

L494HD 4 Post alignment Lift with Semi being raised

Features & Safety

  • Louvered High Traction Approach Ramps: These ramps thwart wheelspin better than diamond-plate or abrasive ramps.
  • Strong Galvanized Cables: This lift’s cables lock securely in seven separate positions for ultimate command.
  • Easy Control: This four-post lift features easy-access integrated push buttons that allow technicians complete control.
  • Durable Controls: The L494HD also features umbilical protection cords for hydraulic and pneumatic lines.
  • Optional PowerSlide®: Designed to prevent common turnplate pin issues and help align light-duty vehicles.
  • AlignLights: Optional light system that will turn on and off as the vehicle is raised and lowered on the lift.
  • Fully-Integrated Alignment (FIA): When used with PowerSlide®, FIA makes locking and unlocking turnplates and slip plates easier.

L494HD Hunter alignment lift in rest position


  • Minimum Four-Wheel Alignment: 88 in. (2,235 mm)
  • Maximum Vehicle Weight: 35,000 lbs (15,874 kg)
  • Two-Wheel Alignment: 300 in. (7,620 mm)
  • Four-Wheel Alignment: 158 in. (4,013 mm)
  • General Service: 320 in. (8,128 mm)
  • Lowering Speed: 70 seconds
  • Lifting Speed: 82 seconds
  • Overall Height: 98 in. (2,489 mm)
  • Width: 179.5 in. (4,559 mm)
  • Inside Width: 44 in. (1,118 mm)
  • Length: 420 in. (10,668 mm)
  • Runway Width: 30 in. (762 mm)
  • Runway Height: 69.88 in. (1,775 mm)
  • Stack Height: 11.88 in. (302 mm)
  • Post Height: 91.5 in. (2,324 mm)
  • Maximum Lifting Height: 69.88 in. (1,775 mm)
  • Rise (Front, Rear, & Center Piston): 70 inches
  • Power Unit: (3) 5 HP/ (3.75 kW)
  • Standard Adaptor Adjustment: 17.9375 in. to 44.25 in.

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