MOD235 Flex™: Modular Column Lift

Representing the next generation of the most advanced in-ground lift available, Rotary Lift’s MOD235 Flex™ offers an exciting variety of enhancements that optimize productivity, minimize maintenance costs, and provide technicians with the versatility and flexibility they need.

Modular In-Ground Lift

The MOD235 Flex™ is certified by the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) and available in two- and three-post configurations for tandem axles. Allied Equipment is proud to include this innovative lift in our massive inventory. Keep reading to learn more about the MOD235 in-ground lift, or contact us today to request a product quote.

mod235 lift

Features & Safety

  • Red Fire™ Wireless Remote Controls: The MOD235’s remote-controlled lifting system allows technicians to walk safely around vehicles during lift operations.
  • Liquid Detection System (LDS™): Rotary Lift’s patented LDS™ is included with the MOD235 in-ground lift. It continuously monitors the level of liquid accumulating in the containment.
  • Easy-to-Use Controls: Operating this in-ground lift is convenient! The controller includes a single lower-to-lock button, a Press Protect™ feature that reduces accidental button presses, and E-stop control.
  • Auto-Spotting: This in-ground lift can automatically position a vehicle, eliminating the need for technicians to crawl on the shop floor.
  • EnviroGuard™ Coating: The MOD235 is coated with EnviroGuard™, a patented barrier developed by Rotary Lift. It helps prevent oil and other fluids from dripping onto the shop floor while protecting the vehicle from potential groundwater.
  • Variable Equalization & Control System (VEC™): This system allows for manual control of each individual jack, and has an infinite number of speed and control adjustments.

MOD235 in-ground lift installed in a garage floor extended without vehicle


  • Lifting Capacity: 70,000 lbs (Two-Post) or 105,000 lbs (Three-Post)
  • Lifting Capacity (Front & Rear Piston): 35,000 lbs
  • Pressure: 770/950 (Two-Post) or 750/900 (Three-Post)
  • Oil Displacement: 19.3 gallons
  • Rise (Front Piston): 70 inches
  • Power Unit: (2) 5 HP/3.75 kW (Two-Post) or (3) 5 HP/3.75 kW (Three-Post)
  • Standard Adaptor Adjustment: 17 15/16 inches to 44 1/4 inches

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