FLEXMAX™ MCHM14: Mobile Column Lift

Our FLEXMAX™ MCHM14 Mobile Column Lift is versatile enough to be used in multiple bays and has the capacity to lift a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, vans, shuttle buses, and coach buses.

Wireless Mobile Lifting System

If you’re looking for a space-saving, cost-effective solution for your shop—this is it. The FLEXMAX™ MCHM14 is ALI Gold Certified and designed to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as enhance safety for your technicians.

Rotary Lift MCHM14 Mobile Column

Features & Safety

  • Single Column Controls: The flexibility to set up and cycle lifts from any column and change column groups.
  • Extra Safety: All FLEXMAX™ models feature a single lower-to-lock button with E-stop to help prevent workplace injuries and accidents.
  • Visual Indicators: Digital column gauges constantly display the vehicle height and weight, along with safety column-lock lights on each column to indicate when a column is locked in position.
  • Inverted Hydraulic Cylinder Rod: The FLEXMAX® inverted hydraulic cylinder rod was designed to be thicker and more resistant to flexing under pressure and during braking.
  • Robus Steering & Braking System: The spring-loaded steering and heavy-duty column braking system eliminates manual operation of the jacks while automatically preventing movement on sloped garage floors.
  • Adjustable Lifting Forks: The robust electro-hydraulic lifting system features adjustable lifting forks, which allow technicians to operate both odd and even column groups.
  • Easy Maneuverability: The MCHM14 features forklift pockets that make it easy to relocate columns within your shop.
  • ALI Gold Certified: As previously mentioned, this lift is Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) gold certified, which validates the vehicle mobile column lift design, construction, and testing.

FLEX MAX MCHM14 mobile column lift


  • Single Column Capacity: 14,000 lbs.
  • Group of 2 Columns: 28,000 lbs.
  • Group of 4 Columns: 56,000 lbs.
  • Group of 6 Columns: 84,000 lbs.
  • Group of 8 Columns: 112,000 lbs.
  • Column Rise: 69 in. (1,760 mm)
  • Column Width: 43 in. (1,092 mm)
  • Wheel Rim Size: 9 to 24 in. (228 to 610 mm)
  • Clearance/Fork-to-Column: 10 in. (254 mm)
  • Speed of Rise: 68 seconds
  • Charging Voltage: 110V charger (2.5 amps max.)

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