FLEXMAX™ MCHM19: Mobile Column Lift

Our FLEXMAX™ MCHM19 Mobile Column Lift is versatile enough to be used in multiple bays and has the capacity to lift a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles, including trucks, vans, shuttle buses, and coach buses.

Wireless Mobile Lifting System

If you’re looking for a space-saving, cost-effective solution for your shop—this is it. The FLEXMAX™ MCHM14 is ALI Gold Certified and designed to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as enhance safety for your technicians.

Rotary Lift MCHM19 Mobile Column with a black heavy utility vehicle lifted

Features & Safety

  • Powered by RedFire™: Quickly set up and cycle lifts to and from any position or column group. The LED display is bright and large enough to be seen in dim work conditions, while the entire unit is designed to handle demanding shop environments.
  • Extra Safety: A single lock-and-lower button with an emergency, e-stop button to help prevent accidents. And, once the Press Protect™ system button is pushed, there is no way for the lift to operate.
  • Ergonomic Remote Control: Ergonomic design to better help your technicians, and the controller will release an audible warning when the controller is out of range.
  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Cylinder Rod: The FLEXMAX® inverted hydraulic cylinder rod was designed to be thicker and more resistant to flexing under pressure and during braking. Gain the advantage of having a hydraulic system that can use a wide range of bio fluid hydraulic oils, with the refill port conveniently located inside the carriage.
  • Portable Columns: Use the FLEXMAX™ MCHM19 in any available bay or work area. The forklifts tuck into pockets for easy and simple relocation within your shop. Your mechanics will appreciate the fast set-up time and how easy the lift forks are to adjust.
  • Helpful Interface: Digital column gauges on the lift constantly display the vehicle height and weight, along with safety column-lock lights on each column to indicate when a column is locked in position. Once column heights are set, they can be locked in place to eliminate accidental changes.
  • Premier Steering & Braking System: The spring-loaded steering and braking system in this lift ensures a smooth and quiet operation of the jacks. The system also prevents the units from moving on sloped or wet garage floors.
  • ALI Gold-Certified: The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) gold certification means this mobile column lift is designed, constructed, and tested to meet exacting industry standards.

FLEX MAX mobile column lift


  • Single-Column Capacity- 18,000 lbs
  • Group of 2 Columns: 37,600 lbs.
  • Group of 4 Columns: 75.200 lbs.
  • Group of 6 Columns: 112,800 lbs.
  • Group of 8 Columns: 150,400 lbs.
  • Column Rise – 70 in. (1,778 mm)
  • Column Width : 45.5 in. (1,156 mm)
  • Wheel Rim Size – 9 to 24 in. (228 to 610 mm)
  • Clearance/Fork-to-Column: 10 in. (254 mm)
  • Speed of Rise: 78 Seconds
  • Charging Voltage: 110V Charger (2.5 amps max.)

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