Rotary’s SMO14 Four-Post Lift

Rotary’s SMO14 is an ALI Gold-certified, four-post automotive lift that smoothly and quietly raises vehicles weighing up to 14,000 pounds. It’s fast and capable, allowing technicians to service cars, trucks, and vans with plenty of undercarriage space. If you need a lift that will enhance safety and production in your shop, this is the lift to choose.

A blue Rotary SM014 lift holding a black truck

Lift Features

  • Sentinel Lock™ System: This Rotary-patented technology constantly monitors the SMO14’s locking latches to ensure safe operation. Its slack cable guidance system is hidden beneath the runway and works with heavy-duty steel cables and high-performance sheaves to deliver safe, stable, secure functionality.
  • Optional Shockwave™: This elective feature hugely increases the SMO14’s lifting speed, allowing technicians to elevate a vehicle in roughly 35 seconds. Shockwave™ also adds an extra 10.5 inches to the length and width of each lift.
  • Open-End Design: With no crossbar between the two front posts, this four-post lift allows technicians maximum vehicle access.
  • Adjustable Latch Bars: These heavy-duty, Rotary-exclusive locking latch bars help maintain shop safety by ensuring that the SMO14’s runways are kept level in any position.
  • Optional Spotline™: This optional laser kit can be mounted atop the SMO14 to project a bright green, highly visible center mark on the vehicle, eliminating the need for two technicians when loading vehicles on the lift.
  • Two Runway Lengths Available: Rotary’s SMO14 is available in two runway lengths (253 inches and 286 inches) to provide greater vehicle access.

A red Rotary SM014 lift holding a standard white SUV


  • Lift Capacity: 14,000 lbs.
  • Maximum Rise: 78.75 In.
  • Overall Width: 140.5 In.
  • Overall Length:
    • 253 In. (Long)
    • 286 In. (Extended)
  • Maximum Wheelbase:
    • 182 In. (Long)
    • 215 In. (Extended)
  • Drive-Thru Width: 116.25 In.
  • Column Height: 108.6875 In.
  • Width Between Runways: 43 In.
  • Runway Width: 20 In.
  • Minimum Bay Size:
    • 15 Ft. x 26 Ft. (Long)
    • 15 Ft. x 28 Ft. (Extended)
  • Motor/Voltage:
    • 2 HP, 208 to 230V (Long & Extended Models)
    • 5 HP, 110V (All Shockwave™ Models)
  • Full Rise Time:
    • 65 Seconds (Long & Extended Models)
    • 35 Seconds (All Shockwave™ Models)

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