Rotary’s SM14 Four-Post Lift

Rotary’s ALI Gold-certified SM14 is a closed-front, four-post automotive lift that raises vehicles safely and quickly. The SM14 is capable of lifting cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs weighing up to 14,000 pounds, and when equipped with Shockwave™ technology, it raises and lowers vehicles twice as fast.

A blue Rotary SM014 lift holding a black truck

Lift Features

  • Optional Shockwave: Rotary’s SM14 is available with optional Shockwave™ technology. This elective feature slices standard rise and descent times in half, strongly driving productivity.
  • Compact, Closed-Front Design: With a crossbeam positioned between the two front posts, the SM14’s smaller footprint is perfect for facilities with narrow service bays or other space restrictions.
  • Drive-Thru Conversion: The SM14 can be modified to allow vehicles to be driven on and off in the same direction, significantly reducing in-shop congestion.
  • Polymer Rollers: Rotary’s advanced, heavy-duty polymer rollers allow for much smoother, quieter operation. They enhance workshop safety, reduce noise, and protect the shop floor from gouging.
  • Adjustable Latch Bars: Imperative for shop safety, the SM14’s solid-built, adjustable latching bars ensure the lift’s single-piece, 20-inch runway tracks are kept level in any of multiple locking positions.
  • Louvered Ramps: This four-post lift comes standard with louvered ramps that improve tire traction while also helping to prevent floor scraping as vehicles are loaded and unloaded.
  • Spotline: This value-added laser kit is top-mounted on Rotary’s SM14 and projects a highly visible center mark, allowing a single technician to load vehicles accurately and quickly.
  • Three Runway Lengths: The SM14 is available with your choice of three runway lengths: S (Standard), L (Long), and EL (Extended Length).

A red Rotary SM014 lift holding a standard white SUV


  • Lift Capacity: 14,000 lbs.
  • Maximum Rise: 73.75 to 78.75 In.
  • Overall Width: 131.75 In.
  • Overall Length:
    • 226 In. (Standard)
    • 250 In. (Long)
    • 283 In. (Extended Length)
  • Maximum Wheelbase:
    • 158 In. (Standard)
    • 182 In. (Long)
    • 215 In. (Extended Length)
  • Drive-Thru Width: 116.25 In.
  • Column Height: 90 In.
  • Width Between Runways: 43 to 46 In.
  • Runway Width: 20 In.
  • Minimum Bay Size:
    • 15 Ft. x 23 Ft. (Standard)
    • 15 Ft. x 26 Ft. (Long)
    • 15 Ft. x 28 Ft. (Extended Length)
  • Motor/Voltage:
    • 2 HP, 208 to 230V (All Standard Models)
    • 5 HP, 110V (With Shockwave)
  • Full Rise Time:
    • 65 Seconds (All Standard Models)
    • 35 Seconds (With Shockwave)

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