SL210S Inground Lift

The ALI-certified Rotary SL210S is a high-performance inground lift with a lifting capacity of up to 10,000 pounds. This Smartlift® is designed to help shop owners reduce production time and maximize safety when servicing standard and electric vehicles.

Lift Features and Specifications

Lift Features

  • Spotline™ Laser Assist: Increase productivity with this Smartlift’s Spotline™ feature. Spotline™ is a motion-activated laser system that helps accurately guide and center vehicles.
  • Easy Access™ Cylinders: Rotary’s patented Easy Access™ cylinders help reduce maintenance and downtime by 75%. With Easy Access™, maintenance can be done on the floor level without forklifts.
  • Smartguard® Plungers: This inground lift is incredibly durable due to its Smartguard®-coated plungers. With this environmentally friendly coating, the SL210S is more resistant to corrosion and deterioration.
  • Patented Locking System: The SL210S’s patented locking system helps maximize safety. This system engages every three inches and is fully accessible from the surface for easy maintenance.
  • Optional Shockwave™: Improve production time further by adding Shockwave™ to the SL210S. This feature drastically speeds up rise and descent time while reducing operating costs.
  • Optional TRIO™: This inground lift has various superstructure options, including Rotary’s TRIO,™ which provides 18% more reach than standard vehicle lift arms.
  • Interchangeable Adapters: The SL210S comes with interchangeable adapters, including frame-engaging TA adapters, round polymer adapters, and special EV pad adapters, making it possible to service EVs, cars, and trucks on the same arm.
  • Liquid Detection System: The patented liquid detection system helps reduce maintenance by alerting technicians when liquid has accumulated in the containment.


  • Lift Capacity: 10,000 lbs
  • Lift Capacity Per Arm: 2,500 lbs
  • Rise:
    • 75.1875 to 76.375 In. (With RA Adapter & Shockwave™)
    • 75.25 to 76.4375 In. (With TA Adapter & Shockwave™)
    • 74.75 to 76 In. (With RA Adapter)
    • 75 to 76.25 In. (With TA Adapter)
  • Overall Width:
    • 119.625 In. (With Shockwave™)
    • 108.25 In. (Without Shockwave™)
  • Drive-Thru Clearance:
    • 88.0625 In. (With Shockwave™)
    • 88 In. (Without Shockwave™)
  • Minimum Arm Reach:
    • 19.6875 In. (With Shockwave™)
    • 18.875 In. (Without Shockwave™)
  • Maximum Arm Reach:
    • 44.5 In. (With Shockwave™)
    • 41.625 In. (Without Shockwave™)
  • Minimum Adapter Height (From Floor):
    • 4.25 In. (With RA Adapter & Shockwave™)
    • 4.875 In. (With TA Adapter & Shockwave™)
    • 3.75 In. (With RA Adapter)
    • 4 In. (With TA Adapter)
  • Minimum Bay Size: 11 x 24 Ft.
  • Voltage: 208 to 230V (110V With Shockwave™)
  • Electrical Usage: 0.1 kWh per cycle
  • Plunger Diameter: 8.5 In.
  • Full Rise Time: 53 Seconds (25 With Shockwave™)
  • Full Descent Time: 24 Seconds (19 With Shockwave™)

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