SLW210 Wide Smartlift® Inground Lift

Rotary’s SLW210 Wide Smartlift® is an inground lift specially designed to service electric and exotic vehicles but can also be used for standard automobiles. With its 10,000-pound lifting capacity, obstruction-free design, and versatile features, this lift will help your auto shop service the next generation of passenger vehicles.

Lift Features & Safety

Features & Benefits

This inground lift from Rotary will help you future-proof your shop with its versatile features and benefits, including:

  • Fast-Positioning TRIO™ Arms: The two-piece, three-stage lift arms on the SLW210 adapt to three separate vehicle style options and provide 18% greater reach than standard lifts.
  • SMARTLIFT® Technology: The Easy Access™ stainless and polymer high-performance air cylinders can be easily maintained at floor level with no forklifts.
  • Smartguard® Plungers: These plungers are time-tested performance and longevity.
  • Obstructive-Free Design:The SWL210’s simple design provides 48% more under-car clearance and 360-degree access around the serviced vehicles.
  • Easy Installation: The SLW210 is preassembled for quick installation with minimal excavation.
  • Shockwave™: This inground lift is equipped with Shockwave™, a patented technology that provides two times faster rise and descent than non-Shockwave™ lifts and features Spotline™ laser-assisted spotting.


This wide Smartlift® is available in two models: RA and TA. The key difference between the two versions is that the RA has round adapters, while the TA is fitted with special truck adapters.

  • Lift Capacity:
    • 10,000 lbs/2,500 lbs per arm (All Models)
  • Rise
    • 75.1875 to 76.375 In. (RA Model)
    • 75.25 to 76.4375 In. (TA Model)
  • Overall Width
    • 119.625 In. (All Models)
  • Drive-Thru Clearance
    • 88.0625 In. (All Models)
  • Minimum Arm Reach
    • 19.6875 In. (All Models)
  • Maximum Arm Reach
    • 44.5 In. (All Models)
  • Minimum Adapter Height From Floor
    • 4.25 In. (RA Model)
    • 4.875 In. (TA Model)
  • Ceiling Height Minimum
    • Rise with the tallest adapter extensions plus the height of the vehicle
  • Voltage Single Phase:
    • 208 to 230V (All Models)
    • 110V (With Shockwave™)
  • Electrical Usage
    • .01 kWh per cycle (All Models)
  • Guide Plunger Diameter
    • 8.5 In. (All Models)
  • Full Rise/Descent Time
    • 53 Seconds/24 Seconds (All Models)
    • 25 Seconds/19 Seconds (With Shockwave™)

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