SPO10: Two-Post Lift

The ALI-certified SPO10 two-post lift is another example of Rotary Lift’s commitment to innovation. This automotive lift has a 10,000-pound lifting capacity, features customizable arms and adapters, and comes with a wide range of time-saving features. 

Lift Features & Safety

Features & Safety

  • Fully Customizable: Rotary’s SPO10 lift series comes with customizable arm configurations and adapter types and is available in many heights.
  • High-Strength Adapters:Rotary’s high-strength flip-up adapters require only a single pin for the entire assembly, while their TA and RA adapters are easily positioned and include a high-quality, durable padded polymer for superior grip.
  • Optional SHOCKWAVE™ DC Power: The optional SHOCKWAVE™ feature provides rise and decent speeds twice as fast as conventional automotive lifts.
  • Spotline™ Motion Activated Laser: Rotary’s exclusive Spotline™ Motion Activated Laser offers exceptional vehicle spotting assistance.


Rotary’s SPO10 lift models include two-stage arms with three-position flip-up FA adapters (SPO10), two-piece, three-stage arms with exclusive FA three-position adapters (SPO10 Trio™), and conventional three-stage arms with threaded-up padded TA (SPO10TA) and RA (SPO10RA) adapters.

General specifications for the SPO10 series (without SHOCKWAVE™) include:

  • Overall Height: 11 Ft. & 8.5 in.
  • Overall Width: 22 Ft. & 5.625 In.
  • Drive-Thru: 102.5 In.
  • Inside Columns: 114.75
  • Minimum Bay Size: 12 x 24 Ft
  • Ceiling Height Minimum: 12 Ft.
  • Motor/ Voltage: 2 HP, 208 to 230V
  • Full Rise Time: 45 Seconds
  • Full Descent Time: 40 Seconds

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