Rotary SPO12 Two-Post Lift

Rotary’s SPO12 is an ALI Gold-certified two-post lift specifically designed for large auto shops. It features true symmetrical columns, is available in various customizable configurations to meet your unique needs, and has an impressive lifting capacity of 12,000 pounds. There’s simply no better designed or engineered two-post lift out there for heavy-duty vehicles.


Lift Features

Lift Features

  • More Service Space: The SPO12’s intentionally large footprint will give your technicians more service space.
  • Powerful Design: This Rotary two-post lift is well-suited for shops with extra-large bays and for servicing tall, bulky, and heavy vehicles.
  • Spotline™ Motion-Activated Laser: The Spotline projects a highly visible green line into the center of the service area, allowing technicians to easily spot a vehicle driving into the service bay.
  • Customizable Adapters & Extensions: The SPO12 features a customizable storage rack and thread-up adapters. You can even adjust column height to suit the needs of your shop.
  • Better Reach: This lift features standard front and rear three-stage arms and truck adapters with stackable inserts that significantly increase reach.
  • Optional Shockwave™: Rotary’s Shockwave™ technology is designed for shop owners who need the fastest lifting and descent times possible. A lift with Shockwave™ can elevate and lower vehicles twice as fast as standard lifts.
  • Versatile Design: Although the standard SPO12 was designed for large and tall spaces, there is also a low-ceiling option for shops with lower clearance, and a wide design for shops that service larger trucks and vans.


  • Lift Capacity: 12,000 lbs.
  • Rise: 75.75 to 78.125 In. (All Models)
  • Overall Height:
    • Standard Model: 13 Ft. 8 In.
    • Low Ceiling Model: 11 Ft. 8 In.
    • Wide Model: 13 Ft. 8.5 In.
  • Overall Width:
    • Standard Model: 11 Ft. 5.625 In.
    • Low Ceiling Model: 11 Ft. 5.625 In.
    • Wide Model: 12 Ft. 10.625 In.
  • Drive-Thru
    • Standard Model: 102.375 In.
    • Low Ceiling Model: 102.375 In.
    • Wide Model: 119.375 In.
  • Inside Columns:
    • Standard Model: 114.875 In.
    • Low Ceiling Model: 114.875 In.
    • Wide Model: 131.875 In.
  • Minimum Front/Rear Arm Reach: 27.5 In. (All Models)
  • Maximum Front/Rear Arm Reach: 59 In. (All Models)
  • Minimum Adapter Height: 4.75 In. (All Models)
  • Minimum Bay Size:
    • Standard Model: 12 Ft. x 26 Ft.
    • Low Ceiling Model: 12 Ft. x 26 Ft.
    • Wide Model: 14 Ft. x 26 Ft.
  • Ceiling Height Minimum:
    • Standard Model: 13 Ft. 9 In.
    • Low Ceiling Model: 11 Ft. 10.75 In.
    • Wide Model: 14.5 Ft.
  • Motor/Voltage:
    • All Models: 2 HP, 208 to 230V
    • With Shockwave™: 5 HP, 110V
  • Time of Full Rise:
    • All Models: 60 Seconds
    • With Shockwave™: 25 Seconds

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