Rotary’s SPO16 Two-Post Lift

Experience versatility like never before with Rotary’s SPO16. This ALI Gold-certified two-post automotive lift has an impressive 16,000-pound lifting capacity, making it ideal for shops that service class 1 through 5 vehicles. And with a low-ceiling option available, the SPO16 is perfect for shop owners looking for space-saving solutions.

Lift Features & Safety

A blue Rotary SPO16 lift holding a white service van

Lift Features

Rotary’s SPO16 is stacked with advanced features, including:

  • Trio™ 3-Stage Arms With Multi-Position Sliding Adapter: The SPO16 has a two-piece arm with three modes of flexibility to improve service ease, safety, and speed. The arm’s adjustable sliding adapter floats effortlessly into position, so technicians won’t have to deal with positioning heavy inner arms.
  • Optional Shockwave™: This innovative Rotary-exclusive technology is designed for auto shop owners who need the fastest raising and lowering times possible. Shockwave™ permits operators to lift class 1 through 5 vehicles in about half the time of the standard SPO16.
  • Spotline™ Motion-Activated Laser: This feature is standard on all Rotary lifts equipped with Shockwave™. Spotline™ makes spotting vehicles easy, as it projects a clear, bright-green laser at lift’s center.
  • Symmetrical Design: The SPO16 has a “Double S” symmetrical two-arm design, improving lift strength and accessibility.
  • Adjustable Width & Height: You can adjust this two-post lift to meet your shop’s unique needs. Just be sure your bay meets the recommended bay size outlined in the specifications.

A red Rotary SPO16 lift holding a standard white passenger vehicle


  • Lift Capacity: 16,000 lbs.
  • Maximum Load (Per Arm): 4,000 lbs.
  • Truck Adapter Height:
    • 77.96875 In. (Minimum)
    • 80.03125 In. (Maximum)
  • Overall Height:
    • 15 Ft. to 16 Ft. 6 In. (Standard Adjustments)
    • 13 Ft. 6 In. to 14 Ft. 6 In. (Low Ceiling)
  • Overall Width:
    • 12 Ft. 11 In. (Narrow)
    • 13 Ft. 5 In. (Standard)
    • 13 Ft. 11 In. (Wide)
  • Drive-Thru Clearance:
    • 105.34375 In. (Narrow)
    • 111.34375 In. (Standard)
    • 117.34375 In. (Wide)
  • Floor to Overhead Switch: 15 Ft. 10.8125 In.
  • Front & Rear Arm Reach:
    • 34.6875 In. (Minimum)
    • 64 In. (Maximum)
  • Motor/Voltage:
    • 4 HP, 208 to 230V (Standard)
    • 5 HP, 110V (With Shockwave™)
  • Full Rise Time:
    • 81 Seconds (Standard, at Full Capacity)
    • 60 Seconds (With Shockwave™, at Full Capacity)
    • 36 Seconds (With Shockwave™, at Half Capacity)
  • Time of Descent: 20 Seconds
  • Ceiling Height Required:
    • 15 Ft. 2 In. to 16 Ft. 8 In. (Standard)
    • 13 Ft. 8 In. to 14 Ft. 8 In. (Low Ceiling)
  • Minimum Bay Size: 15 Ft. x 30 Ft.

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