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Mod30 Heavy Duty Lift

Rotary Mod 30 Heavy Duty Inground Lifts


At Allied, Inc. we are experts on heavy duty inground vehicle lifts.  Our professional staff of Rotary lift specialists works with you to understand your needs and provide the model that is best suited for your maintenace facility.  For heavy vehicle 2-post and 3-post lifting we offer the Rotary MOD30 series.  MOD30 vehicle lifts meet the ANSI/ALI ALCTV 1998 standard including third-party validation.         

Rotary MOD30 inground vehicle lifts are specifically designed for extreme vehicle lifting.  Their heavy-duty lift design provides optimal performance, safety, and ease of use with state of the art engineering to protect the environment and reduce costs. 

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Environmentally Responsible

Rotary MOD30 heavy duty vehicle lifts are tough on lifting but easy on the environment.  Internal and external Enviro-Guard ™ coatings on the containment housing reduce electrolysis and increase the lift’s life span.  Oil is trapped inside the containment and water is locked out protecting the surrounding area. MOD30D42B2XX

Cost Effective Design

The latest Rotary vehicle lift design enhancements allow configuration for specific vehicle applications that increase productivity and reduce the cost of installation.
  • Unobstructed Floor - Provides "zero clearance" drive thru.
  • Glavanized Shutter Plate Trench Cutters - Eliminates manual moving of cover plates
  • Universal Saddle Adapter - Patented adapters and inserts accomodate most heavy duty vehicles.
  • Electric Drive - Allows for multiple wheelbase settings and reduces crawling on the ground.
  • Synchronized Multi-Stage Cylinder - Promotes smooth and simultaneous lifting.
  • Containment Style Design - Reduces installation costs and promotes easy access to all components.
  • Optimal Pendant Control - Remote operation from a single control console.
  • LDS™ System - Provides technician notification of fluid build-up with a patented evacuation removal system.
  • Joystick Controls - Allows for single or simultaneous multi-jack operations.
For over 90 years at Allied, Inc. we have been providing excellence in sales, service and inspection of heavy duty vehicle lifts. Our experience and reputation has made us a trusted and leading vehicle lift specialist.
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MOD30D43D11X Lift
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