Hunter Hawkeye Elite®

Designed for accuracy and efficiency, a Hunter Hawkeye Elite® alignment system is the perfect solution for small automotive service centers with expansion aspirations and large centers with space constraints.

Car maintenance representative performing a wheel alignment

The Best Option for Efficiency & Speed

Featuring an easy-to-use Premium RX Lift, Hunter’s Hawkeye Elite® alignment system minimizes tasks while streamlining the alignment process to a mere 70 seconds.

This alignment system improves operator efficiency by providing an extensive vehicle database with step-by-step alignment instructions and in-depth guidance on OEM-required resets and ADAS calibrations.

The patented wheel alignment system requires no more than a single trip around the vehicle, drastically reducing transit times and trips to and from the console.

Its camera-sensor system makes it the ideal replacement for time-consuming electronic-sensor wheel alignment systems that are highly labor-intensive, inefficient, and outdated.


Multiple features make the Hunter Hawkeye Elite® a must-have for auto service centers, garages, auto dealerships, and fleet service centers.

  • RX Scissor Lift Console: Once a vehicle has been lifted, the patented RX Scissor Lift Console will automatically trigger a sensor to identify wheel targets.
  • WinAlign® Console: The patented WinAlign® console provides step-by-step alignment instructions for technicians while communicating with the lift to set tire pressure and operate slip plates and turnplates.
  • PowerSlide System®: The PowerSlide® system automatically locks slip plates and turnplates without lock pins.
  • Inflation Stations: All four ties can be inflated simultaneously while the system records starting and ending pressure.
  • High-Precision Cameras: Four high-resolution cameras immediately capture and transmit measurements with pinpoint accuracy.
  • QuickGrip® Adaptors: Four spring-loaded polymer adapters secure the rim and eliminate metal-to-metal contact and rim damage.
  • QuickComp™: QuickComp™ eliminates multiple steps by capturing wheel measurements in a single action.
  • Faster Caster: The patented Hunter wheel alignment system eliminates long five-step processes for generating caster steer readings into a single left-right-center motion.
  • Immediate Recall: The Hunter Hawkeye Elite® offers easy access to an unmatched database covering over 220 million North American vehicles.


  • Assembly Weight: 6 Pounds
  • Assembly Profile: 9 Inches
  • Installation Time: 5 Seconds Per Wheel
  • Rolling Compensation Style: Forward
  • Camera Resolution: 2,608 by 1,952 Pixels
  • Track Width: 80 Inches
  • Wheelbase: 210 Inches

Other specifications, including suggested distance, will vary based on bay size.

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