Two Allied workers measuring and ensuring proper lift alignment during an installation

Automotive Lift Installation Guide: DIY or Pro?

If you’ve decided to purchase an automotive lift, congratulations!  It can be one of the most useful auto repair tools you can have in your garage. 

But, now that you’ve purchased one, you might be wondering if you can install this car lift yourself. If you’re asking if it’s a one-person job, the answer is no. You’ll need at least one friend and maybe more to muscle the device off of a delivery vehicle and raise the lift into position.

However, it is possible to handle an automotive lift installation without hiring a professional. The task is not without risks, and there are potential difficulties that might make you think twice, but it can be done.

DIY Installations

With a few specialized tools and enough muscle power, a competent DIYer can certainly tackle the task. It’s important to note that a vehicle hoist installation can be a dangerous job; you must realize that your lift will be supporting a car—improper installation increases injury risks and potential property damage. Ensure you have the right tools, equipment, and helping hands before attempting any DIY lift installation.


  • Cost Savings: A typical installer might charge $400 to $500 for a two-post lift and $600 or more for a four-post. If you’re setting up your garage, you might prefer to reserve that cash for a few good tools.
  • Scheduling: You can do the job whenever you want without worrying about when the technicians are available.
  • Personal Fulfillment: If you prefer to DIY most jobs, you can take pride, build confidence, and enjoy the challenge of doing something new.


  • Concrete Reinforcement: You may have to reinforce the concrete beneath the posts. You also have to think about where you’re installing the lift in your garage. Will there be enough ceiling clearance? Can you easily access the vehicle when it’s lowered or raised?
  • Inadequate Tools: If you don’t own the right tools, you’ll need to buy or rent them. Just a forklift for getting the lift off the truck can be more than $100 for the day.
  • Damage: You also risk damaging the lift. Additionally, if you don’t install the lift correctly, you risk damaging your vehicle. With some manufacturers, an improper installation can void your warranty.
  • Injury: The risk of injury is always there when you’re lifting heavy objects or working under a lift that wasn’t installed correctly.
  • Project Delays: Even if the installation is successful, there’s a possibility that it will eat up more time than you’ve allotted for it. You might run into issues you didn’t anticipate.

Professional Installations

Even if you can do the job or have the right tools for an automotive lift installation, there are some reasons you might prefer to leave it to a professional team.


  • Experience: A professional team that’s done hundreds or thousands of automotive lift installations knows just about everything that can go wrong and how to prevent or deal with it. They can advise on the proper location and, if needed, reinforce your concrete. An unexpected problem that would be difficult for you to resolve might be a speed bump for pros.
  • Learning Opportunity: You can also observe and talk to them. They can tell you what they’re doing and why. They can also pass along tips on lift maintenance and operation.
  • Warranty: A professional team will also test the lift to ensure it’s not defective and works properly. If there’s a problem with the installation, they’re responsible for fixing it, not you. And, if there is a warranty, you won’t risk it being void.
  • Peace of Mind:  With reputable professionals, you don’t have to worry about how long the job will take or whether it will be done right.


  • Cost: You’ll not only have to pay for the lift itself but also for the delivery of the lift and the time and effort it takes to install it. However, you’ll also avoid costs related to tool rentals or future repairs due to an incorrect installation.
  • Choosing an Installer: You’ll have to do your homework to ensure your installer is experienced and reliable. Be sure any team you hire is ALI-certified for installations.

Let Allied Handle Your Automotive Lift Installations

Hiring a professional automotive lift installation team is a time-saver and insurance against commonly made DIY installation mistakes. If you’re searching for the right professionals, turn to Allied, Inc. Founded in 1963, Allied sells, installs, and repairs two- and four-post automotive lifts. Every member of our team is highly qualified, trained, and ALI-certified.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote.